Comments from our customers


Iran Unveiled
We always enjoy your talks but Friday’s was the best yet. The photos were excellent but above all you were introducing us to a historic and highly sophisticated culture about which we knew nothing.
21st February 2020

Iran Unveiled
What a team, John putting together such an exciting presentation with music, videos & all sorts of wizardry & Penny presenting it all in such an interesting & lively way. We certainly had “our money’s worth” in terms of time & no one looked restless or bored so you certainly kept everyone’s attention not easy when some of our members are in their nineties! You gave us a real insight into what Iran is really like & some like me would love to follow in your footsteps, the sites of special interest that you showed us were as beautiful as any seen in the tourist brochures which was perhaps unexpected.

Lots of positive comments from the members & the priest, who had intended to just pay a fleeting visit,  stayed for the entire presentation. We are all looking forward to the next installment with “Beauty of Japan”!

Thank you both so much for a wonderful afternoon.
6th February 2020

USA Coast to Coast
I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your talk on “USA Coast to Coast”. It was really interesting and informative, with beautiful photography. I enjoyed it very much, having just got back from our own USA trip and learnt quite a bit about things we hadn’t noticed.
7th October 2019

Russia – from Astrakhan to Moscow (by riverboat on the Volga)
Thank you both for a superb evening on Thursday of this week – everyone I’ve spoken is full of praise for your lovely pictures and the very interesting commentary which accompanied the slides.
23rd May 2019

Iran Unveiled 
Warmest thanks for your talk on Iran last week.   As you have visited us before, we know your talks are to a high standard, but that one was special.   I know a little of the country’s history, but it was lovely to be given such an insight into Iran as it is now.   The view via the media can be very narrow.   Our thanks to John of course for the fine photos.
11th April 2019

Tracks of Africa
On behalf of our  members, who attended last Friday’ meeting, I should like to thank you and John very much for your wonderful illustrated talk, showing us highlights of your holiday in South Africa.
I think it was a compliment to you that we had a large number of members attending that day, indicating, I think, that you are one of our favourite speakers! Your talks and John’s photos (including the little videos with aptly added music) are so much more than just holiday snaps. You gave us a taste of the country’s history, geography and culture.
12th April 2019

Misericords and Bench Ends – a glimpse into Medieval Life
Thank you both very much for a most entertaining afternoon on Thursday last, the rapt attention with which you held our group throughout is a measure of the interest shown. We look forward to taking you up on another presentation next year.
7th March 2019

Five Extraordinary Churches
Thank you for speaking to us on “Five Extraordinary Churches” we were very impressed by the polished nature of your talk & the way you kept everyone’s attention with lots of interesting anecdotes scattered throughout. I have been inundated with requests by The Group to ask you to come again next year. Please pass on our thanks to your husband for setting up everything so efficiently, you make a good team.
17th August 2018

Market Towns
Everyone was ‘singing your praises’ after the talk….. I was not surprised, nor that they said ‘can she come again’?   Congratulations and thank you for a talk that educated and inspired a lot of Home Counties chaps!!
All good wishes as we learn to love Herefordshire……,
14th August 2018

Iran Unveiled
I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful and inspiring talk on Monday to our WI. Iran was a bit of a scary mystery to us before and now you have opened our eyes to a completely different world. John’s photos were marvellous, and it was nice to see him again too.
I am sure that we will be back in touch for another talk next year – just have to choose where to go next!
8th August 2018

Beauty of Japan
Thanks for a great evening last Thursday, what a cheerful one it was, not only did we experience Japan with John and yourself but had lots of laughter along the way !  Programme planning is not for a few months but had many requests for another talk, will be in touch.
12th March 2018

History of Cider
A short note to thank you once again for your super talk on Cider last evening.
You clearly have your research well organised and your visuals, complete with film, were very good.
25th April 2017

Market Towns
Thank you so much for what was a most enthralling and entertaining talk describing what should be all to familiar to us about our local heritage, only to discover today that there is so much more to discover…..
I look forward very much to engaging you again at some point in the future.
18th April 2017

Policeman’s Lot
Thank you for the talk that you gave to our club yesterday – l have had great feedback from the ladies. Also, l want to thank you for stepping into the breach at such short notice – it was very much appreciated.
9th March 2017

History of Cider
A huge thank you for your wonderful presentation on Herefordshire’s Cider Making History which you kindly gave last week.  I am still receiving so much positive feedback about the whole morning – and not just the sampling!  Your expertise and knowledge came across so well and was greatly appreciated by our members, and your confident and amusing style was hugely enjoyed.  One man said that it was the best talk we’ve ever had!!
6th March 2017

Amsterdam to Budapest
On behalf of our members who attended our February meeting at, I should like to thank you (and John for the IT input) very much for taking us on  such a fascinating and enjoyable “cruise”.
I think you’ve inspired several of us, including me, to try such a cruise or a similar one! I can see why they are so much more appealing than a sea cruise.
February 2017

Market Towns
Very many thanks everyone really enjoyed the talk about  the market towns – something for the locals and for those of us who are ‘incomers’  even if we’ve been here a while!   Anyway, very enjoyable.  We are very keen on the idea that you might come back to speak to us next year and the talk  that you suggested to me before you left sounds really interesting – ‘Tracks of Africa’.
March 2016

Hereford City Revealed
On behalf of all the members a very big thank you for your excellent talk last Wednesday night. I have received rave reports from all who attended.
February 2015

History of Cider
I didn’t get the chance to thank you for your excellent contribution to yesterday evening. I really enjoyed you talk, it was spot on. I hope to see you again soon.
May 2012

Half Timbered Herefordshire
Just a quick message to thank you for a very interesting presentation last night. Everyone enjoyed it and members are keen to have you back next year but I think we may have trouble agreeing on the subject!
July 2011

Five Extra Ordinary Churches
A very interesting talk, which has inspired us to visit Kilpeck and Dore Abbey – when the sun comes out again.
January 2011

Herefordshire Market Towns
Everyone said how much they enjoyed your talk last night.  It was very informative and even those who have lived here all their lives learnt something new. It sounds as though you are being kept very busy with your talks.  Your enthusiasm for your subject is evident and I really don’t know how you could improve your delivery as it’s so clear and the photographs were excellent.
February 2010

Half Timbered Herefordshire
Thank you so much for an excellent talk last night, I hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we all did. A wonderful event in a fine timber framed building which was so appropriate.
March 2010

History of Cider
Just wanted to say thank you again for coming and giving us such an interesting talk.  We have had LOTS of positive feedback,and several people who, like me, are now keen to visit both Weston’s and the Hereford Cider Museum
December 2009